#71 Inside Out vol. 3!

#71 Inside Out vol. 3!

Show notes

Dr. Snuggles and friends return for episode 71 of your guide to the truly astonishing world of softcore films, and the world’s number one podcast on that subject!

Siobhan is out with a cold this week, so the all guy gang of Dr Snuggles, Drew Buzzy, Texas Mike and Bobby from The Grindbin podcast have to deal with volume three of Playboy’s Inside Out anthology series by themselves. Inside Out has been quite a project to look at. We’ve had good times, and bad times. We have not had a lot of erotic times, which is odd for an erotic anthology series, but that’s life. Volume three is no different. We get a silent short in which old people turn young briefly then die, Greg Louganis dressed like a sexy fish man, another surreal Joe Frank effort, Greg Louganis dressed like a sexy fish man, some actually funny comedy about an impending nuclear apocalypse in Florida, but also an Alexander Payne (yes, that Alexander Payne) directed short in which a woman forces herself upon a mentally ill Vietnam veteran who she may or may not have dated 25 or so years prior.

It’s hard to come back from that. Some of us didn’t, in a lot of ways. Greg Louganis dressed like a sexy fish man healed some of us, but we left some good men behind.

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