#82 Deadly Embrace!

#82 Deadly Embrace!

Show notes

Dr. Snuggles and friends return for episode 82 of your guide to the truly astonishing world of softcore films, and the world’s number one podcast on that subject!

This episode, we’re joined by our good bud Carlo, from Crud Buddies and the Notes From the Back Row podcast. And all of us are wrapped up into a fatal cuddle from the master David DeCoteau, as we check out his 1989 proto-erotic thriller Deadly Embrace! It’s sort of like an erotic thriller, in that it’s about an affair that turns deadly - a very familiar erotic thriller plot - but also there’s about 50 minutes where people mostly just talk on the phone to each other. On the plus side, it does star Jan-Michael Vincent, Linnea Quigley and Ken Abraham, and DeCoteau’s camera is all about Ken Abraham in this movie, so that at least is a lot of fun.

And we talk about the film’s female lead, Mindi Miller (aka Ty Randolph). Miller was not only an actor, but also a stunt performer, model, bodybuilder and - more recently - a skin care esthetician. She also had a rather famous boyfriend in the ‘70s! As a bonus, not only do you get to hear all about that, you get to hear her (in a clip from another podcast) talk about how her ex-boyfriend can still time travel and visit her in dreams even though he’s long dead.

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