#88 Red Shoe Diaries!

#88 Red Shoe Diaries!

Show notes

Dr. Snuggles and friends return for episode 88 of your guide to the truly astonishing world of softcore films, and the world’s number one podcast on that subject!

We’ve been watching Zalman King films chronologically for the whole time we’ve been doing this podcast, and anyone who knows Zalman King knows there’s one big film that has to be talked about: the most Zalman King film of all Zalman King’s films. A movie in which King gets to once again show an upper class woman in a steamy affair with a blue collar worker, but also gets to throw in death, bucketloads of angst, and a climactic boozy basketball battle. Finally, we’re ready for 1992’s Red Shoe Diaries. Along for the very exciting ride is Cassie from Happy Hour Gets Weird podcast: she and her co-host had talked about actors appearing in softcore pre-fame, and said a few times they were curious about seeing Red Shoe Diaries, so we had a blast chatting about the experience with her.

Plus, of course, we talk about the life and career of the film’s pre-fame star, David Duchovny! And there is much to talk about. There’s the unfinished PhD in English Literature, the recent ventures into music and novels, and of course, the universally recognised role for which everyone knows him: evil venture capitalist Brad in Beethoven.

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