#94 Forbidden Games!

#94 Forbidden Games!

Dr. Snuggles and friends - including MAG alumni and current Heavy Leather Horror Show cast member Squeaky Dave - check out Ed Holzman's 1995 erotic thriller Forbidden Games, and talk about star Jeff Griggs!

Show notes

Dr. Snuggles and friends return for episode 94 of your guide to the truly astonishing world of softcore films, and the world’s number one podcast on that subject!

Turns out there’s a whole lot of erotic thrillers with the word ‘forbidden’ in the title, and somehow we’ve never done any of them. Time to correct that omission by checking out Edward Holzman’s 1995 murder mystery Forbidden Games! We’ve previously seen Ed’s work in Pamela Principle 2, and he’s really got quite the cast with him this time: future soap opera veterans Jeff Griggs and Lesli Kay, future WWE wrestler Amy Weber, the late great Beckie Mullen, and the incomparable Gail Thackray. Gail’s accent veers from southern to British and even a little Australian, as the plot veers from outrageous BDSM murders to gentle horse rides through the Californian countryside to the burden of psychometry. The rest of the plot is a little on the confusing side, even for a movie expert like our guest: Squeaky Dave from Compañeros sister show Heavy Leather Horror Show!

Plus, we talk the life and career of the film’s star, Jeff Griggs! Now a silver fox, Griggs ticks a lot of the Get Soft mainstay boxes - not just in terms of soap opera fame, but also appearances in Power Rangers, and 24! He’s more recently been in Bosch, which it turns out Drew Buzzy recommends.

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