#97 Deep Down!

#97 Deep Down!

Dr. Snuggles and friends check out John Travers' 1994 erotic thriller Deep Down, and talk about star, the late, great Tanya Roberts!

Show notes

Dr. Snuggles and friends return for episode 97 of your guide to the truly astonishing world of softcore films, and the world’s number one podcast on that subject!

The world lost the great Tanya Roberts just a month ago, and...listen, she may not have actually liked being in erotic thrillers much, as far as we can tell, but she did rather a number them and she was rarely less than mesmerising. One such erotic thriller is the only directorial feature effort by John Travers: 1994’s Deep Down. Roberts plays the wife of a jealous man who is involved in at least moderately organised crime, but what happens when she falls for the young, fresh faced country boy who moves into their apartment complex? Also, the jealous husband is played by George Segal, which is honestly very distracting. George Segal!

But of course, this episode is all about celebrating Tanya’s life and career. Long time listeners may remember we have already done this in episode 32 - we did it again, because as Pauline Kael once said of Roberts: “she’s a walking, talking icon, and she’s fun to watch”. RIP Tanya! Thanks for the fun times!

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